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Want to create your own club? We can help!

Have an idea for a new club that doesn't exist yet at University of Guelph? Does it relate to the College of Arts and would it exist to serve and benefit your fellow College of Arts peers? CASU wants to help you bring this idea to reality! As by our constituion, $1000 ($500 per semester) is set aside every year in our budget to support student groups apply for official club status under the College of Arts Student Union affiliated clubs umbrella and function before being able to access constitutionally-granted funding.

If this interests you and your fellow group, give us a shout with your ideas or any questions!


*Note: Funding of this nature requested from CASU's 'Club Finding' constitutional mandate cannot be used for one sole event – this funding is meant to help upcoming clubs begin to function.

Thank you for reaching out to CASU about our 'Club Finding' initiative. Your message has been recieved and someone will be in contact shortly!

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